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10/21/2013 - SafetyFirst has been requested to present during a national contractor's trade association meeting. We will be presenting an overview of our programs and services to the safety directors at the meeting, including a panel of four current clients who already use our programs.

9/30/2013 - Ten-Minute Training Topic for "Grade Crossing Collisions" distributed to SafetyFirst clients. November's topic will be on preventing collisions in parking areas.

9/9/2013 - SafetyFirst adds new client for E-DriverFile service: appx. 10,000 drivers in sales, service and support functions across USA and Canada. Key feature selling points - MVR processing & scoring; data security & integration with training/HR databases.

9/4/2013 - SafetyFirst presents E-DriverFile to national insurance carrier to handle all of their corporate drivers and field personnel for MVR processing with automated scoring that leads to automatic assignment of training modules.

9/2/2013 - Ten-Minute Training Topic for "Wildlife Collisions" distributed to SafetyFirst clients.

8/5/2013 - Article titled "Safety Policy Expiration Date" published at SafetyFirst's corporate blog site.

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